I'm New


We are glad you could join us to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Here are some things to keep in mind if this is your first visit to Our Savior Lutheran Church. 

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings

9:30 am 
Sunday School
Classes for all ages begin after service at 10:45 am

What To Expect

The Lutheran Church is a liturgical church. That means that the basic pattern of our worship is drawn from services that have been used by Christians for many centuries, all across the world. The components of the liturgy come from the Bible and serve to focus our worship on the Word of God and our response to it in faith.  Our liturgy is filled with hymns and responsive songs.  At every service, you will receive a pre-printed program that contains the liturgy and all the hymns of the day.   


Where should I park?  
You are welcome to park anywhere you like.  You can drop your party off at the front door.  We also have golf carts available to give you a ride every Sunday morning.
Is there a welcome center?
Yes, located in the narthex behind the bronze of Martin Luther, we would love the opportunity to meet you and welcome to our church.  This is a great place to ask questions or obtain any assistance you might need.  
Someone in my family needs special assistance, what should I do?
Please let us know if someone in your family needs special assistance.  We offer hearing aids and special seating to those that need them.
There is a children's sermon each Matins Sunday
Are young children and infants  welcomed in your service?
We believe that the rhythms of the liturgy and the Word of God speaks to all ages, from infants to adults.  Therefore, we welcome the presence of children in all our services.  If there is a children's sermon on the Sunday you visit, they are welcome to come forward to join all the other children in the congregation in front of the Baptismal font.
There is also a "cry room" available for any little ones that may need a break from the service.  The cry room is located on the west side of the Sanctuary floor and has its own restroom facility.
What about Communion?
If you are not a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church and or any other LCMS congregation, we respectfully request that your talk to one of our Pastors before communing with us during the worship service.
Why is your sanctuary designed in this way?
We deliberately designed our Sanctuary to evoke awe and reverence for God.  Artisan craftsmen in the United States and Italy came together to build a unique house of worship.  Just seeing and worshipping in the Sanctuary is worth the trip!

How To Contact Us

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