Our Sanctuary

To The Glory of God and the Salvation of Man

This church building is a declaration of faith by the members of Our Savior Lutheran Church. It is our affirmation in wood and stone, steel and glass, of our steadfast resolve to believe, teach and confess the saving Truth of the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions.

At the inception of the planning process for the construction of our new sanctuary, the congregation unanimously adopted this resolution:

“To design a sanctuary whose external appearance and internal arrangement distinctively express our commitment to the doctrinal heritage of the Lutheran Church are consistent with architectural expressions of that theology in historic Lutheran church buildings both in Europe and in the United States.”

That resolve to build a deliberately Lutheran Church has governed the entire planning and construction process. The design of this building is the embodiment of that which we believe about God, His people, and their interaction in the Divine Service. This faith is our legacy, passed on to us by those who have gone before - the faithful men and women of preceding generations whose loyalty to the Word of God, and whose willingness to sacrifice for their faith have made this congregation what it is today.

We are resolved, by the grace of God, to pass that heritage along to those who come after us. It is our fervent hope and prayer that this church will stand as a witness, not only for today, but for generations still to come. May our merciful God bless this House built to His glory. May He dwell among us here in Word and Sacrament according to His promise. May our children, and our children’s children be blessed to gather here to encounter the Lord in the faithful preaching of His Word, in the saving water of Holy Baptism, and in the true Body and Blood of Jesus Christ received from His altar.
One of six "Christ our Lord" statues carved from lindenwood by European artisans. Christ is at prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane and receiving comfort from God's angel.
Organ at OSL
Easter at OSL
Our crucified Lord hangs in the center of our Sanctuary. Carved from lindenwood, the corpus is 8ft tall. The placement and prominence of the crucifix conveys the truth that our crucified Lord is the foundation of our faith.
Angel Michael Binding the Devil
The architectural alignment of the baptismal font, altar, and pulpit represent the means of grace: Baptism, The Lord's Supper, and God's Word