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OSL Nativity

Welcome to OSL’s Nativity!
From its earliest manifestation in 2019, through our two years of being a Drive-Through Nativity, the first push to grow large enough to warrant on-foot visitors in 2022 and beyond, our aim has always been to illustrate the Word of God.
We believe fully that the Holy Spirit works through the Word to work saving faith in the hearts of sinful people. We also believe fully that being connected to that Word, after faith has been planted, is what feeds that faith, that Christian person. Through our dramas and interactive Scripture-based activities here at OSL, our prayer is that people might gain new understanding, insight, and comfort of God’s Word.

The Nativity in particular has a three-fold approach: Music, Meeting, and Meditation.

Our visitors start the evening in the Sanctuary, where the OSL Music Ministry offers a quiet place to hear melodies of Christmas. Music has a unique ability to speak from one person to another beyond the logical understanding of language. And when music is combined with the Word of God, as in many hymns and as the Psalmist did, it offers unique comfort and joy.
After visiting the Sanctuary and the Music Ministry, visitors can visit Bethlehem for an immersive historical experience. Not only will they meet with villagers in Bethlehem shops and homes, they will meet with and interact with items that are commonplace in biblical times, but not so much anymore. Discover life during the time of Christ’s birth!
Surrounding Bethlehem Village, people will have an opportunity to take a meditative Scripture walk; they will be gently guided through the history of our Salvation – starting with the Fall into sin, through the birth of Christ, and finally seeing Christ in Gethsemane and outside the empty tomb at His resurrection.

Free Downloadable 2022 Meditative Walk Booklet

Free Downloadable copy of the history of Our Savior Lutheran church.

Station Audio
1. The Garden of Eden
2. The Prophets
3. The Annunciation
4. The Wise Men
5. Shepherds & Angels
6. The Nativity
7. From Manger to Cross
8. The Garden of Gethsemane
9. The Cross
10. The Resurrection
As you leave.