Nativity Volunteers

Please note: Submitting a form is not a commitment to participating; we will contact you with more details and you can then choose to commit or not.
Please also note: this is an event with many people from the community coming onto the grounds; all children signed up to volunteer need to be attached to an adult. We will not have the volunteer manpower to supervise children. If you want to volunteer but are concerned about not having someone to watch your small children, please let us know; we will see if another adult would be willing to keep one or two of your children with them.
Set for December 9th, 2023 (with a rain date of 12/16), this annual event is a great chance to get to know some of your fellow OSL members, as well as participate in an outreach to our community that shares the good news of Jesus' birth in a unique way. There are several ways you can help:
Behind the Scenes
These volunteers are key to getting things ready on time -- we have openings for help with costumes and with setting up props along the Scripture Walk and in the stations in Bethlehem.
Scripture Walk Narrator
This role is new this year; we will have people along the walk, stationed to share a few explanatory sentences about each scene. You won't need to memorize anything; we'll give you a card to read from.
Scripture Walk Actor
These actors will not be required to speak or interact with the visitors; you'll provide a "living illustration" for the event the scene depicts. We do provide a set of suggested actions for pantomiming the scene.
Interactive Bethlehem
Our Bethlehem gives visitors the opportunity to see what life was like at the time of Jesus, with activities and Scripture verses. You will be given an info sheet with talking points and simple activities to share with visitors. This might be a great place to incorporate an interest of yours -- for example, if you have an interest in pottery, woodworking, DIY skincare, or textiles, make a note in the "Message" box below! And if you aren't sure if your interest is included, go ahead and ask; we may be able to add it to our expansion plan in the future!
Music Ministry
For those in any of the Music Ministry groups who are available for the Nativity, we'd love to have you join us! You'll be sharing music in the Sanctuary.

For more information on volunteering this year, please fill out the form below.