The Sight of God

When the LORD saw that Leah was hated, He opened her womb, but Rachel was barren.
The Sight of God
[God] is the Creator and Governor of everything. But who would believe that God cares for Leah? Surely all men should conclude firmly that God has regard for and cares for them, no matter how small, abject, and lowly they are. For this is why Moses so carefully depicts the condition of Jacob's household affairs and sets it before our eyes. . .. This is wonderful and great consolation for the afflicted and wretched, who should rouse themselves to faith and hope, since they hear God described and defined as He who is always pleased with the prayer of The Humble and the Meek, as Judith 9:11 says. The sobbing, yes, the death, of those who are downcast is precious in the Lord's sight. He who can believe this is undoubtedly pleasing and acceptable to God. For it is certain that He neither wants nor is able to bear contempt for His creature, whether it is small or great. He does not want the great ones to boast or to be proud that they have the means with which to protect and defend themselves. But He does not want those who are downcast to despair, for they have one who has regard for them and receives them. Therefore God, who has regard for the lowly things in heaven and on earth, should be blessed. . .. Poor Leah was harassed by these sorrows and this grief; she was sad and pained that she was despised by her lord. But listen to Moses, who says: "The Lord saw, etc."
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