Faith, Hope, and Patience

"Remember me, when it is well with you."
Faith, Hope, and Patience
[Joseph] continues in faith, hope, and patience, is content, does not murmur, is not angry, and does not curse God or men. For among the very saintly patriarchs there was most certain faith in and knowledge of the heavenly doctrine which we have by the kindness of God; that is, they believed in Christ and because of Him looked forward to eternal life. The doctrine of the resurrection was implanted in their hearts, because they endure not only in death but also beyond and after death. Joseph is threatened so often with death and killed so often that it can be said in all truth that he endured beyond death. . . Therefore all the fathers who hoped in God undoubtedly also believed in the resurrection of the dead. This can be clearly demonstrated from the argument of Christ: Abraham, Isaac, and the of the patriarchs endure even unto death with the firmest faith; therefore they believed in the resurrection of the dead. For if no other and better life remains after this one, what need is there of faith or of God Himself or of hope in God beyond death? If the resurrection is not to be expected, there is no faith and no God. On the contrary, if there is faith and any hope in God, it is necessary that there be a God who is the God of all who trust and hope in Him and for His sake retain the hope of immortality. For since all must face death and the godly trust in God despite this, they confess of necessity that after this life another, eternal life remains.
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