Fixed by God

"The doubling of Pharaoh's dream means that the thing is fixed by God, and God will shortly bring it about."
Fixed by God
[Joseph] gives a reason why the dream is twofold and yet signifies the same thing. For what God speaks is certain and will have a speedy outcome. Accordingly, there are, as it were, two witnesses for one thing. It is to be certain and will come soon. "God will not leave you in doubt and uncertainty." . . . This certitude is necessary in every kind of teaching, especially in sacred teaching. For I must be certain what I am to think about God, or rather what He thinks about me. . .. Therefore one must learn that God is not uncertain, ambiguous, equivocal, and slippery like a wavering reed, but that He is unequivocal and certain. He says: "I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; I absolve you of your sins, etc." Here the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit make no mistake; they are not tossed about by the wind but are rocks and Selah, as God is often named in the Psalms because He is absolutely firm. You may rely solidly on Him and say: "I am holy and saved; I am God's son and heir, because I have been baptized."
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