The Excellent Thing

[May God grant you the] strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge.
The Excellent Thing
When a Christian hears this—that God's Son has come to us from heaven, preached to us, and given Himself to us—should he not (if he rightly and fully believes it) be amazed and overwhelmed with joy? For who can sufficiently express or comprehend what a great and excellent thing it is that God's Son has become our flesh and blood and is our own? Indeed, the angels in heaven cannot be filled with enough amazement that God has so dearly loved us poor, lost human beings and shown us such inexpressible kindness that He Himself becomes a man, speaks with us, lives among us, dies for us on the cross, etc.

From Four Sermons Preached in Eisleben, sermon on Matthew 11:24-30 (Luther's Works 58:448)
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