Water Covers You

You have given no water to the weary to drink, and you have withheld bread from the hungry. The man with power possessed the land, and the favored man lived in it. You have sent widows away empty, and the arms of the fatherless were crushed. Therefore snares are all around you, and sudden terror overwhelms you, or darkness, so that you cannot see, and a flood of water covers you.
Job 22:7–11
Water Covers You
The fear of drowning is common in over half of those living in America.  The thought of being submersed under water without the ability to breathe is a frightening and uncomfortable prospect.  Our sins have a way of making us feel this way.  The wash over us and we are surrounded by them, unable to catch our breath we lives are in a panic as we struggle to catch a breath.  Just as those who remain under water too long will eventually take a breath and have the water fill their lungs and drown, so do those who remain in their sin.  They eventually breath in death, as sin invades their whole being.  Even Christians are not immune to the dangers of drowning in their sins.  But just as water has the ability to bring death, so can it bring life.  We must drink water, or we will die. Our crops need water, or we will not have food to eat. Water refreshes and rejuvenates the land and us.  Likewise, our souls need water to live. The water which is poured on us at our Baptism cover us in God’s promise of forgiveness and salvation. The holy waters of Baptism do cause death, but not to us, rather to the old Adam in us, which constantly fights to survive in us.  Therefore, daily we return to our Baptism for the strengthening of our faith and to destroy sin. Christ instituted Baptism for this very purpose, so that we might receive His grace as a free gift. His water covers us as we are set free from sin, death, and the devil.
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