His Divine and Human Names

O Lord, our Ruler, how glorious is Thy name in all the lands!
PSALM 8:1 (according to Luther's translation)
His Divine and Human Names
The name "Lord" is ascribed to no creature on earth, no, not even to an angel in heaven, but only to God. Therefore it is a special and proper name of God and means the right, true, and eternal God." But the word "lord" or "ruler" is a common name, which Holy Scripture uses even for princes and heads of the household. . .. [David] gives Christ the King two names—a great divine name, Lord; and a small human name, Ruler. Thus he indicates the two natures in Christ, the divine and human nature; yet he speaks not of two, but of one single Lord and Ruler, to show the unity of the person, that Christ the Lord, our Ruler, is one single person. He distinguishes the natures and gives each nature a special name. Yet he does not divide the person, but keeps the person undivided. Let us follow this prophet, as by the Holy Spirit he prophesies that Christ is the Lord and the Ruler of us all and yet is not two Lords nor two Rulers nor two Messiahs nor two Kings, but one single Lord, our Ruler, one single Messiah and King.

From Commentary on Psalm 8 (Luther's Works 12:99-100)
February 4
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