Who Can Compare?

O Lord, our Ruler, how glorious is Thy name in all the lands!
PSALM 8:1 (according to Luther's translation)
Who Can Compare?
The greatness and glory of this name call for such amazement. If a physician were to be found on earth who could cure one or two incurable sicknesses or diseases, or could even rescue a man from death, what praise and fame do you think such a physician would have throughout the world? If a prince or king had the might and power to make a blind man see, to cast out a devil, or to raise a dead man, everyone would sing and say about him, "This is a lord." If the Roman emperor could cleanse a leper of his leprosy—if he were not emperor already, they would soon crown him. Yet what would all this be in comparison with what this King and Ruler has done for the children of men, and still does daily and will do throughout the world until the Last Day? He has forgiven many sinners their sins and still forgives them daily. He has made many blind to see and has cleansed many lepers. He has raised many from the dead and made them alive, and on the Last Day He will raise all men and make them alive. Therefore this is an excellent and glorious name, at which everyone might well be amazed.

From Commentary on Psalm 8 (Luther's Works 12:102-3)
February 5
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