Established with the Word

Out of the mouth of babies and infants ....
Established with the Word
How does [Christ] found such a power and kingdom, and what sort of people does He use? "Out of the mouths of infants and sucklings," [the psalmist] says, "hast Thou ordained strength. Thou hast ordained a strength or established a kingdom full of might and power against sin, death, devil, and world, not with physical weapons, armor or sword or gun, but with the mouth of men, and of infants and sucklings at that." This is the way Christ's kingdom is established, namely, not with human force, wisdom, counsel, or power, but with the Word and the Gospel preached by infants and sucklings. The Turkish emperor strengthens and fortifies his kingdom with the sword. So does the pope. But Christ founds, strengthens, and fortifies His kingdom only through the oral Word.

From Commentary on Psalm 8 (Luther's Works 12:108)
February 7
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