Dressed, Adorned, and Crowned

Thou wilt let Him be forsaken of God for a little while, but Thou wilt crown Him with honor and adornment.
PSALM 8:5 (according to Luther's translation)
Dressed, Adorned, and Crowned
Thus the prophet preaches preciously and powerfully about the suffering of Christ. It is a brief and clear sermon…. He indicates His physical suffering [and] His sublime spiritual suffering when he says that for a little time He will be forsaken by God. . .. Now there follows His joyful resurrection from the dead. But Thou wilt crown Him with honor and adornment. Him whom no one will support, who is forsaken by God and the whole world, Him Thou wilt snatch from suffering to peace, from anguish to consolation and joy. Because of the contempt, mockery, and shame He has endured Thou wilt adorn Him with honor. Because of the ugly form He had on earth Thou wilt dress Him preciously, so that He will be dressed, adorned, and crowned on all sides. Not only will He be beautiful in body and soul for His own person, full of eternal life, full of joy, salvation, wisdom, power and might, full of heavenly majesty and deity, so that all creatures will regard and adore Him; He will also be gloriously adorned and decorated with His Christians and believers on earth and with the elect angels in heaven, in this world and in the world to come.

From Commentary on Psalm 8 (Luther's Works 12:128)
February 12
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