Everything Belongs to Christ

You have put all things under His feet, all sheep and oxen, and also the beasts of the field, the birds of the heavens, and the fish of the sea.
PSALM 8:6-8
Everything Belongs to Christ
This is the last part of Christ's dominion, a dominion that Adam also received in Paradise, as is written in Genesis 1:26. . .. What Adam received in Paradise, David subjects here to Christ. Hence we should not get some such idea as this: "If Christ has a special, peculiar dominion and kingdom, He has nothing in common with Adam's dominion and kingdom." The Christians must still live in the world. Where are they to stay and find something to eat and drink, if Christ has nothing to do with Adam's kingdom and the world is their enemy and will not grant them even a crust of bread? To avoid such ideas, David also subjects to Christ the dominion that Adam has on earth over fish, birds, cattle, etc., and says that under Christ's feet are put all sheep, all oxen, all wild beasts, all birds of the air, all fish in the sea. Therefore, everything in the wide world belongs to Christ, the Ruler. . .. Because He does have everything in His power, His Christians are richly provided for and will get along well, so that they may remain in the world; they will also have enough to eat and drink on earth.

From Commentary on Psalm 8 (Luther's Works 12:134-35)
February 15
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