God Hears You

O LORD, in Your strength the king rejoices, and in Your salvation how greatly he exults! You have given him his heart's desire and have not withheld the request of his lips.
PSALM 21:1-2
God Hears You
 In the presence of God our prayers are regarded in such a way that they are answered before we call. I wish that this promise were made use of to its utmost extent by all in all kinds of dangers, because we are subject to the world, the papacy, the Turk, and the tyrants. . .. In this state of despair we must cry to God, if not with our voice, then at least with our mouth. The prayer of the righteous man is answered before it is finished. Before they begin to formulate, when they are still speaking in general, as elsewhere, "Thou halt given him his heart's desire" (Psalm 21:2). So God heard Moses, groaning and laboring in the anguish of his heart; He heard the groan and sob of his heart. Then He struck the sea. So Bernard says to his brothers, "Do not despise prayers, and know that as soon as you will have raised your voices, they are written in heaven, and it will come to pass and it will be given you. If it is not given, then it is not good for you, and God will give you something in its place that is better and more useful."

From Lectures on Isaiah (Luther's Works 17:392-93)
March 15
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