Alive with God

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me.
PSALM 23:4
Alive with God
Just as in . . . Christ, our Head, death and all the works of the devil have been destroyed, so it will have to happen in each of His members. For just as Christ was at once a mortal and an immortal Person, He was indeed subject to death by reason of His humanity; but because His whole Person could not be slain, it happened that death failed, and the devil succumbed in slaying Him; and thus death was swallowed up and devoured in life. In this way the curse was swallowed up and conquered in the blessing, sorrow in joy, and the other evils in the highest good. Thus now, too, it pleases our most gracious God to destroy death and the works of the devil in us through Christ. We Christians should learn, in order that we may die joyfully. For just as it is impossible for Christ, the Victor over death, to die again (cf. Romans 6:9), so it is impossible for one who believes in Him to die; as Christ says in John 11:26, 25: "He who believes in Me shall never die. And though he dies, he shall live." Whatever becomes alive with God is immortal.

From Lectures on Hebrews (Luther's Works 29:136)
March 24
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