Confidence to Continue On

Vindicate me, O Lord, for I enter in my innocence.
PSALM 26:1 (according to Luther's translation)
Confidence to Continue On
“To enter” means to have a station in the congregation, for instance, to preach or to govern. One does not conduct his life and work as a private affair; but since he deals with God's Word, he speaks as a minister of the Word. A preacher knows this. He is sure that the doctrine is correct and that he has a divine office, that in the congregation he enters the office of God. Thus I know for sure that my ministry is pleasing to the Divine Majesty, though other people slander me and claim that I am a scoundrel. Still I can say, "I know that on the Last Day God will attest that I have preached rightly." If I were not sure of this so that in my heart I could build upon it and depend upon it, it would be much better for me to keep my mouth shut. But a preacher must have this confidence. Thus St. Paul is confident (2 Corinthians 13:3) that he is speaking not his own word, but the Word of the Lord Christ. Thus we, too, can say that He has put it into our mouth. We have not invented it ourselves, but He has given it to us. If we have Christ's Word and speak it, then we also have this confidence. We know we shall abide and continue even though the world should perish with all schismatics and heretics.

From Commentary on Psalm 26 (Luther's Works 12:186)
March 29
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