Let Him Lead You

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.
PSALM 32:8
Let Him Lead You
[God is saying:] This is where I want you to be. You ask that I deliver you. Then do not be uneasy about it; do not teach Me, and do not teach yourself; surrender yourself to Me. I am competent to be your Master. I will lead you in a way that is pleasing to Me. You think it wrong if things do not go as you feel they should. But your thinking harms you and hinders Me. Things must go, not according to your understanding but above your understanding. . .. Thus Abraham went out from his homeland and did not know where he was going (Genesis 12:1ff.). He yielded to My knowledge and abandoned his own knowledge; and by the right way he reached the right goal. Behold, that is the way of the cross. You cannot find it, but I must lead you like a blind man. Therefore not you, not a man, not a creature, but I, through My Spirit and the Word, will teach you the way you must go.

From  Seven Penitential Psalms, on Psalm 32 (Luther’s Works 14:152)
April 25
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