True, Simple Faith

I will counsel you with My eye upon you.
PSALM 32:8
True, Simple Faith
[God is saying:] "I will not leave you; you shall not go down and perish; I will not forget you. Your eyes shall be closed because My eyes are open over you. Have you not read (Psalm 34:15) that “the eyes of God are toward the righteous,” and that Mount Moriah is called “the Lord shall behold” (Genesis 22:14)? Surely I alone shall see, just as I did when Abraham failed to see; and yet he did not fail to see." In brief, God wants us to have a true, simple faith and firm trust, confidence, and hope. While faith, hope, humility, and patience are not mentioned by name in these words, yet the mode and the true nature of such virtue are expressed. There are many who write about virtues, but they praise their names rather than teach their nature.

From Seven Penitential Psalms, on Psalm 32 (Luther's Works 14:152-53)
April 26
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