At the Appropriate Time

The LORD knows the days of the blameless, and their heritage will remain forever.
PSALM 37:18
At the Appropriate Time
God recognizes their days, their appointed time; that is, because they trust Him fully and do not want to know when and how their help is to come, God takes their side. And though it seems to the wicked that God has forgotten the blameless, this is not true; God knows well when it is the appropriate time to help them. As Psalm 9:9 says: "God is a Helper at the appropriate time," and Psalm 31:15: "My times are in Thy hand." It is as if he were saying: "They are poor and few in number, while the others are rich and numerous. But never mind; they will still have enough and will not suffer want. God knows well when it is the appropriate time to help and counsel them, and they trust in Him without relying on their own help and counsel." In addition, their heritage will be eternal, not only in the world to come but also in this world. For they will and must always have enough, even though they may not have extra grain, as the wicked do. God is their grain and their granary, their wine cellar and their entire property.

From Four Psalms of Comfort, on Psalm 37 (Luther's Works 14:217-18)
May 17
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