A Light to See

My iniquities have overtaken me, and I cannot see. . .. Be pleased, O LORD, to deliver me!
PSALM 40:12-13
A Light to See
When the conscience blames, then man is distressed and says with David in Psalm 40:12: "My iniquities have overtaken me till I cannot see"; see also Psalm 49:6. Then a sinner sobs and says: "I do not know what I ought to do." But in opposition to this darkness of the heart it is said: "God knows everything." One's conscience is always fearful and closes its eyes, but God is deeper and higher than your heart and examines it more intimately. He gives us a light, so that we see that our iniquity has been taken away from us. Satan often disturbs our conscience even when we do what is right. . .. But then one must close one's eyes and consider that God is wiser in His Word and that we are not saved by such vain works. . .. God, who strengthens you in the truth, is more powerful than the devil. . .. You must always consider that God is greater than our heart [1 John 3:20]. The heart knows nothing that is right. God knows everything and teaches me better things in the Word of the Gospel.

From Lectures on 1 John (Luther's Works 30:280-81)
June 3
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