Grain and Wine

Gird Your sword on Your thigh, O Mighty One, in Your splendor and majesty! In Your majesty ride out victoriously!
PSALM 45:3-4
Grain and Wine
Not with might, not with physical armament, not with a warlike attack will Christ save His people. He will do this with beauty and delight. He will save not with the savagery of weapons but with majesty and beauty, as we have it in Psalm 45:4. This is what he here [Zechariah 9:17] calls grain and wine: the Gospel, which is Christ's greatest honor and beauty. With this Gospel He attracts hearts which taste that sweetness of the Gospel. You see, the Gospel is the light and ray in which Christ is glorified, because He now has praises, celebration, magnificence, majesty, beauty, and the thousand things the Psalms call by other names when they describe the beauty of Christ.

From Lectures on Zechariah (Latin) (Luther's Works 20:104)
June 14
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