Through God\'s Eyes

All glorious is the princess in her chamber, with robes interwoven with gold.
PSALM 45:13
Through God's Eyes
In [the Church] are all good things, that is, in her is nothing but Christ, nothing but wisdom of faith, life, and glory. She is adorned with these from the soles of her feet to her head, so that no evil and no spot of ugliness is visible in her—but in the sight of God and beyond the perception of men. God sees no wrinkles in her because He sees nothing in her besides His Son, in whom the Church is clothed, from whom she has salvation, life, and glory, which is in Christ. If sin is present, the devil sees it and we feel it, each in his own conscience. But God does not. For on account of His Son, Christ, with whom the Church is clothed, she is altogether beautiful, without spot and wrinkle, because Christ is altogether beautiful and without spot. For that reason the Church, too, clothed by Him and in Him, is in the same condition.

From Lectures on Psalm 45 (Luther's Works 12:264-65)
June 24
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