That the Godly Prevail

Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast.
That the Godly Prevail
It pleased the Lord that Adam should be tempted and should test his powers. So it still is today. When we have been baptized and brought into the kingdom of Christ, God does not want us to be idle; He wants us to use His Word and gifts. For this reason He allows us weak beings to be sifted by Satan (Luke 22:31). Thus we see the Church, which has been cleansed by the Word, still exposed to continual danger. The Sacramentarians rise up; so do the Anabaptists and other fanatical teachers, who greatly trouble the Church with their various temptations. In addition, there are internal troubles. These God allows to happen this way, not because He has decided either to abandon the Church or to want it to perish; but, as Wisdom says (Wisdom 10:12), those conflicts befall the Church and the godly that the Church and the godly may prevail and learn by experience itself that wisdom is more powerful than everything else.
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