Faith in the Midst of Wickedness

Noah walked with God. And Noah had three sons.
GENESIS 6:9-10
Faith in the Midst of Wickedness
After the verdict has been rendered about the destruction of the world, [Noah] obeys God, who calls upon him to marry, and believes God, that even if the entire world should perish, he himself will be saved together with his children. This is an outstanding faith, one worthy of our reflection. In the first place, he had that common faith about the Seed who would crush the head of the serpent, a faith which the other patriarchs also had. Moreover, it was a rare virtue to maintain this confidence in the face of so many corrupting influences and not to depart from God. Added to this faith there was, in the second place, particular faith, namely that he believed God both when He threatened destruction to all the rest of the world and when He promised deliverance to Noah himself and his sons. . .. This faith taught him to disdain the smugness of the world, which scoffed at him as at a deranged old man. This faith urged him to keep busy with the building of the ark, a structure which those notorious giants undoubtedly ridiculed as the utmost stupidity. This faith strengthened Noah to such an extent that he stood alone in the face of so many examples of the world and courageously despised the opinions of all people.
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