Righteous and Blameless

Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation.
Righteous and Blameless
Noah is declared "righteous" in relation to the First Table [Exodus 20:3-8] and "perfect" ["blameless"] in relation to the Second Table [Exodus 20:12-17]. He is declared righteous through his faith in God, because he believed first the universal promise about the Seed of the woman and later on also the special one about the destruction of the world by the flood and about the preservation of his descendants. He is declared perfect because he walked in the fear of God and carefully avoided murder and the other sins with which the ungodly were polluting themselves in violation of their conscience; and he was in no way influenced by the many offenses of the most distinguished, the wisest, and, in appearance, the holiest men. . . . To be righteous and perfect is evidence of personal excellence; but to walk with God is something public, namely, to carry on God's business before the world, to occupy oneself with His Word, and to teach His worship. Noah was not only righteous and holy so far as his own person was concerned, but he was also a confessor. He informed others of the promises and threats of God, and in that most wicked and depraved age he carried out and suffered everything that is the obligation of a person in a public position.
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