Faithful Obedience

Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him.
Faithful Obedience
This is the first passage in which obedience toward God is praised in these words. Later on, however, it is repeated more frequently: "Moses or the people did according to all that the Lord had commanded them, etc." Noah is praised as an example for us because he did not have a dead faith, which is actually no faith at all, but a living and active faith. He is obedient when God gives him a command; and because he believes God both when He gives a promise and when He utters a threat, he painstakingly carries out God's direction in regard to the ark, the gathering of the animals, and the food. The particular praise of Noah's faith is that he stays on the royal road; he adds nothing, changes nothing, and takes nothing away from God's directive but abides completely by the command he hears. . .. This is giving glory to God for His wisdom and goodness. He did not argue about the task, as Adam, Eve, and Saul did to their great misfortune. He complied with the majesty of Him who gave the command; this was sufficient for him, even though he was commanded to do things that were preposterous, impossible, and inconvenient. He passes by all these offenses as if with closed eyes and relies on this one fact, that it was God who had given the command.
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