The Language Gap Defeated

There the LORD confused the language of all the earth.
The Language Gap Defeated
Therefore it is a great blessing and an outstanding miracle of the New Testament that by means of various languages the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost brought men of all nations into the one body of the one Head, Christ (Acts 2). Christ joins and unites all into one faith through the Gospel, even though the different languages remain; and He tears down the wall (Ephesians 2:14), not only by reconciling us to God through His death and speaking to us in a new language but also by bringing about outward harmony, so that different flocks are brought together under one Shepherd and are gathered into one fold (John 10:16). This is Christ's blessing; and since it is common to all, differences in outward life cause no offense. Let us, therefore, give Him the credit that through the Holy Spirit He has removed this most severe punishment, which was the beginning and seedbed of all evils and discords, and has brought us a holy harmony, even though the different languages remain.
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