Firm in Faith

"I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing."
Firm in Faith
Abraham saw none of these things. In fact, he had abundant reason not to believe them if he had wanted to follow his flesh; for his marriage was childless. . .. Thus the faith of this holy man was outstanding, because he believed these things as though he were already seeing them before his eyes and had no doubts about the promises that were given to him. With this great faith let us compare our own lack of faith. We know that Christ will come on the Last Day and will destroy all His enemies . . . and whatever ungodly men there are, who either persecute the Word or proudly despise and disregard it. We also know that meanwhile Christ will be with His Church and will preserve sound doctrine and the true forms of worship. But if we firmly believed what we know, do you think that it would be possible for any misfortune to perturb us? Or do you think that in our hearts there would arise the smugness we feel in ourselves, as though we were sure that the day of the Lord is a thousand years away? If, then, we believe at all, our faith is surely weak. We are truly people of little faith and can in no wise compare ourselves to holy Abraham, who receives these invisible things with a firm faith, as though he were already holding them in his hands and touching them.
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