Promise and Faith

So Abram went, as the LORD had told him.
Promise and Faith
Promise and faith belong together naturally and inseparably. For what is the use of making any promise if there is no one to believe it? On the other hand, what would be the advantage of faith if there should be no promise? . . . But when God makes a promise of some kind, faith wrestles much and long; for reason, or flesh and blood, regards God's promise as altogether impossible. Therefore faith must wrestle with doubt and against reason. . .. Faith is a vigorous and powerful thing; it is not idle speculation. . .. But just as water that has been heated, even though it remains water, is no longer cold but is hot and an altogether different water, so faith, the work of the Holy Spirit, fashions a different mind and different attitudes, and makes an altogether new human being. Therefore faith is an active, difficult, and powerful thing. If we want to consider what it really is, it is something that is done to us rather than something that we do; for it changes the heart and mind. And while reason is wont to concern itself with the things that are present, faith apprehends the things that are not present and, contrary to reason, regards them as being present. This is why faith does not belong to all men, as does the sense of hearing; for few believe. The remaining masses prefer to concern themselves with the things that are present, which they can touch and feel, rather than with the Word.
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