Companions for the Way

Abram took Sarai his wife, and Lot his brother's son . . . and the people that they had acquired in Haran.
Companions for the Way
We shall call these companions of Abraham not simply his household but the true and holy Church, in which Abraham was the high priest. He instructed it concerning God's mercy, which would be revealed through His Son, who would first rule and bless the descendants of Abraham and all who allied themselves with him, and secondly would take on flesh in His time and transfer the wrath and curse from His people to Himself, so that they would be rid of all their sins and escape the punishment of eternal death. Sarai, Lot's wife, Lot's daughters, and the servants of both believed this preaching of Abraham. Therefore they followed the holy head of the household with the utmost joy, preferring to endure want, danger, and all kinds of harm to forfeiting the possession of such great promises—even though the possession was not yet a reality but merely a hope. In this manner the Lord comforted Abraham himself; for it was indeed a blessing of God that he could find companions for his exile, and such good and godly ones at that, who also held the Word in high esteem and followed it.
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