The Lord's Leading

And Abram journeyed on.
The Lord's Leading
This is [Abraham's] third migration within the land of Canaan. So it is clear what a welcome guest he was to the people of that land. . . This example of extraordinary faith the Holy Spirit here sets before our eyes. Previously, in our discussion of Cain's sin and punishment, we stated that he had to be a wanderer on the earth. But Abraham is holy through faith. Besides, he has the promise of an excellent blessing. Compare these facts with his lot, and you will realize that he is enduring punishment similar to Cain's. Like one who is cursed, he is wandering about in the land that has been promised to him, and not alone at that, but with his wife, his nephew by his brother, and all his domestics. Thus "the Lord leads His saints in a wonderful manner" (Psalm 4:3); and if they persevere in the faith, they ultimately receive what they believe. Let us, therefore, prepare ourselves for such conflicts and steadfastly persevere in the faith. For this is the purpose for which these accounts are written.
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