Faith in the Face of Famine

Now there was a famine in the land. So Abram went down to Egypt to sojourn there.
Faith in the Face of Famine
Abraham roamed about in the land, and nowhere did he find a place at which he could remain for any length of time. Finally came the misfortune that he was compelled to leave this promised land and on account of famine to migrate to Egypt with his entire household. Was this not a severe trial of his faith? . . . These things happen by a definite counsel of God, in order to test the faith of the saints. But they happen for a time; later there follows not only an earthly compensation, as Abraham became very rich, but also an increase of faith and a deeper sense of God's mercy. Therefore Paul states (Romans 5:3) that even though the saints sigh, complain, and wail when they are afflicted, they nevertheless also glory in their cross or tribulation, since they are aware of the amazing governance of God. . . [First, Abraham] considers the spiritual promise about the eternal kingdom through the Son of God, and with this he comforts himself. In the second place, he does not discard his confidence in the physical promise either. . .. Hence you see here an outstanding example how faith is tried in the saints; and yet holy Abraham does not succumb, as do the ungodly, who are immediately offended at the first sensation of a trial and shrink back. . .. But the godly seize the Word and support themselves against temptation with it as with a staff, lest they be overcome.
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