Sacred Accounts

The LORD said to Abram...
Sacred Accounts
Now comes the third passage in which it is written: "The Lord spoke with Abraham." I have often exhorted that . . . this chief feature of the account must be particularly observed, namely, the Word of God. In all ages God has done great things and wonderful works through His saints. These works are impressive and strike the eye; but for us who teach as well as learn the Holy Scriptures, God's own utterance must be especially resplendent. This, above all, adorns the legends of the saints and distinguishes them from the accounts of the heathen. They are called "sacred" accounts because the Word of God shines in them. . .. The account of Abraham is most excellent because it is replete with the Word of God, with which everything that he did is embellished. Everywhere he is led by the Word of God, who promises, commands, comforts, and admonishes, so that it is evident that Abraham is an extraordinary friend and intimate of God. . .. What are the glorious victories and triumphs of kings in comparison with this friendship that Abraham has with the divine Majesty—that he has God close by, to converse with him, direct him, love him, and preserve him? . . . The heathen have countless volumes of their achievements, written in all languages; but we have the sacred accounts, authenticated by the Word of God. We hear God speaking intimately with human beings; we see God governing human affairs in a wonderful manner and preserving His own in the midst of dangers.
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