God Still Speaks

The LORD said . . ..
God Still Speaks
If we Christians also realized this great gift of ours, we would truly be blessed, as Christ says in Luke 10:23-24: "Blessed are the eyes which see what you see. Many kings desired to see what you see, and did not see it." Indeed, I would go even further and say that just as we now praise Abraham because of this gift, so he would praise us in the New Testament even more; for he saw the day of Christ, as John 8:56 states. But he saw it only in faith and in the spirit. But we see this glory face to face. We hear God speaking with us and promising forgiveness of sins in Baptism, in the Supper of His Son, and in the true use of the Keys. These Abraham did not have, but he saw in the spirit and believed. Therefore our glory is greater. . .. Thus the Church is the pupil of Christ. It sits at His feet and listens to His Word, that it may know how to judge everything—how to serve in one's vocation and to fill civil offices, yes, how to eat, drink, and sleep—so that there is no doubt about any area of life, but that we, surrounded on all sides by the rays of the Word, may continually walk in joy and in the most beautiful light.
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