Clear Victory

Then [Abram] brought back all the possessions, and also brought back his kinsman Lot with his possessions, and the women and the people.
Clear Victory
Abraham makes use of a military stratagem both when he attacks the enemy at night and when he attacks with a divided army . . . so the enemy, thrown into disorder by fear and danger, suppose that a countless multitude is present and turn to flight. The weapons frighten them, but it is actually the faith of Abraham and of his people that defeats them and puts them to flight. . .. Just as many people were saved through Abram and because of Lot . . . so it still happens that whatever good thing the world has, it has solely thanks to the saints on earth and because of them. Hence when you see God's blessing, you would be doing the right thing if you encouraged yourself and reflected that there is still a Church on earth and that the holy seed has not perished altogether, even though it is small in number, and that because of it God shows kindness to all the rest of the world. . . This account also serves to make you see how the pious are always being trained by their own adversities, that they may be cleansed more and more and daily become more pious. For the elect all things work together for good (Romans 8:28), even the rod and the cross. The flesh is mortified, faith is strengthened, and the gift of the Holy Spirit is increased.
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