Public Blessing

[Melchizedek king of Salem] blessed him and said, "Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth."
Public Blessing
The text separates the worship and profession of Abraham from the forms of worship of all the heathen; and it confirms what was said above in chapter 12:3, that not only Abraham himself was blessed, but that he would be a blessing also for others. For through him had come rescue and blessing for his adversaries, who were under the curse and wrath of God and were paying the deserved penalties for their sins by a harsh captivity. All this serves to comfort Abraham and to strengthen him in faith and patience. Abram had given glory to God among the heathen when he professed the true doctrine publicly. Therefore, God exalts him in turn, in the sight of the heathen by this glorious victory. . .. Through this sermon of Melchizedek Abraham is set apart from all the other fathers, and his house or family is marked with this most glorious distinction: that the blessing of God must surely be expected from it, and that there is no Church anywhere except in the house of Abraham and among those who ally themselves with Abraham.
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