The God of Seeing

So [Hagar] called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, "You are a God of seeing."
The God of Seeing
The Word of God is never without fruit. Therefore the rebellious, proud, and disobedient Hagar is changed when the angel speaks; she returns to her mistress and patiently submits to her authority. And not only this; she acknowledges God's mercy, praises God, and calls upon Him by a new name, in order to proclaim abroad the kindness through which He had manifested Himself to her. Thus in the New Testament we call Christ the Redeemer because of the work through which He has manifested Himself to us. We call the Holy Spirit the Paraclete. Thus Hagar calls God the Seeing One because He had regard for her lowliness or affliction. . .. This is a most beautiful name for God. Would that we all could bestow it on Him, that is, conclude with certainty that He has regard for us and cares for us, especially when He seems to have forgotten us, when we think we have been forsaken by Him. For he who can say in affliction: "God sees me" has true faith and can do and bear everything, yes, he overcomes all things and is triumphant.
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