A Call to Worship

"I will ... be God to you and to your offspring after you."
A Call to Worship
I shall be your God," that is, "In your house I shall set up My worship, and among you and your people I shall be the God who is worshiped, and among your descendants I shall manifest Myself by means of signs and visible marks, by means of miracles and wonders, in order that they may know Me beyond all doubt and may adore and worship Me." . . . To adore God is to go to Him for help when you turn your face toward Him and call upon Him in trouble, when you give thanks for deliverance, when you recall and proclaim His acts of kindness by declaring that He is the Creator, the Benefactor, the Promiser, and the Savior. . . It is necessary to add that this God, who tells us how to worship Him, is the Giver of eternal life. . .. Therefore He is the God of the godly, the God of Abraham, for example, of Isaac, and of Jacob; these are living and are not dead, even though they are dead so far as we are concerned. Therefore with these words, with which He promises to be the God of Abraham, the Lord calls not only Abraham but also all his descendants, yes, even all the Gentiles who believe as faithful Abraham did, to the hope of eternal life. He promises that they will live as long as God Himself lives, that is, forever. As authority for this conviction we have the Son of God Himself, who says: "God is the God of the living" [Matthew 22:32].
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