Invisible and Impossible Things

"I will give to you and to your offspring after you the land of your sojournings . . . and I will be their God."
Invisible and Impossible Things
Abraham has the promise that after his own death the God whom he worshiped and adored in this life will remain in his house and among his descendants. But Abraham's house will remain in the land of Canaan. After his death, however, he himself will live as the true possessor of this land. The Word of God is such a great treasure and brings such marvelous revelations concerning invisible and impossible things that Abraham concludes with certainty that he will live after he has died and that after his death he will possess the land which he was not to possess in this life. Thus he will live with God eternally. Therefore why would he not be glad, and why would he not give thanks to God after he is certain that the Church and the faith which has been sealed by circumcision will remain in his house and among his descendants despite Satan and the world, and that he himself will also remain in eternal life with God? . . . Accordingly, Abraham is a truly remarkable man in his faith. Nor is it surprising if he was calm in dangers and bore misfortunes with the greatest patience. For he knew that the Church would remain in a definite place, among definite persons, and up to a definite time, namely, up to the time of Christ, who was not of the generations of this world. Moreover, he knew that after his death he would live eternally.
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