Evidence of Faith

Abraham was ninety-nine years old when he was circumcised.
Evidence of Faith
We do not maintain that Abraham was justified by [his obedience]. For it is not works that justify a person, but a righteous person does righteous works. Yet the works show that faith is being put into practice and that through them it increases and becomes fat, as it were. For while Abraham carries out this act of obedience and is circumcised together with his household, faith thinks of God, who gives us His promises and accepts us. Thus Peter (2 Peter 1:10) tells us to certify our election by doing good works, for they bear witness that grace is effective in us and that we have been called and elected. On the other hand, an inactive faith—a faith that is not put into practice—quickly dies and becomes extinct. . .. But he who progresses in the unremitting exercise of his faith concludes: "I am not in the host that is against Christ; I am for Christ. I do not deny the Word, and I do not persecute the Church. Hence I have been called to the kingdom of God and have been elected." "But if I fall because of weakness, I rise again; I grieve over my sin and pray for forgiveness. Thus through the very works of repentance and love I realize that I am one of those who have been snatched from the conflagration of Babel or from the dregs of the world." Thus even though this obedience does not justify, it nevertheless gives evidence of faith and makes it manifest, as it were, so that it can be seen. Therefore Revelation (22:11) states: "He that is righteous, let him be righteous still."
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