"That Very Day"

That very day Abraham and his son Ishmael were circumcised. And all the men of his house . . . were circumcised with him.
GENESIS 17:26-27
"That Very Day"
Let us keep in mind the example of Abraham. It teaches us that before God we must again become children and not argue about how or why God gives us a particular command, but that we must simply hold fast to what God has so commanded and obey. . .. Reason concludes that God could have commanded something far more profitable, more suitable, showier, and better, so that through it Abraham might more properly put into practice both his faith and his obedience than by a work so foolish that the now hundred-year-old Abraham could not carry it out without manifest disgrace. But the saintly man puts up no argument whatever. It is enough for him to know that it pleases God to have him do this. Hence he obeys without delay and without regard for his own opinion and that of others. This is obedience which deserves praise and is set before us as an example – as obedience that has nothing of its own but simply cleaves to God's command. Accordingly, after we have been justified through the mercy of God and have been called into the fellowship of the saints to carry on warfare under God, let us do without any argument what we have been commanded to do.
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