Miraculous Works of God

"I will surely return to you about this time next year, and Sarah your wife shall have a son." . . . Sarah laughed to herself.
GENESIS 18:10, 12
Miraculous Works of God
Sarah was now eighty-nine years old, and during so many years she had been hoping for the blessing of the Lord. When she sees that her hope is futile, she submits everything to God. Yet she does not utterly despair. For this reason the Lord puts up with her weakness and is not offended by her laughter, which has its origin in her thinking about something that is impossible. For what further hope could there be for a barren and exhausted woman? Therefore the Lord brings her to faith with a very friendly reproof. . .. From it Sarah concluded that these were men of God and prophets, because they are aware of her laughter and her thoughts even though she is not in their presence. After Sarah has been so earnestly reminded of God's power, namely, that nothing is either extraordinary or, as Luke (1:37) puts it, impossible with Him, she can no longer regard lightly the prophecy about the son who is to be born. For here her thoughts are held captive and come to an end when she hears that the event is miraculous and altogether impossible before the world yet not miraculous but very easy, yes, even common, ordinary, and an everyday occurrence for God if similar works of His are considered.
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