Impossible Made Possible

"Why did Sarah laugh? . . . Is anything too hard for the LORD?"
Impossible Made Possible
Your heart is assailed by unbelief, and you doubt that you can be saved; for you know that you are a sinner. In this situation a godly brother . . . will say: "God is truthful; He promises to be gracious to you for His Son's sake. Moreover, the Son of God has absolved you from all your sins by His Word, has baptized you, and has promised you eternal life if you believe, that is, if you conclude that His death is your redemption. Hence either God is truthful in His Word, or you are a liar when you have doubts about the forgiveness of your sins after these promises have been given to you through the Son of God." By means of this axiom doubt is dispelled. Moreover, we must be well fortified against our adversary Satan, for he is a shrewd debater and a good rhetorician. . .. Unless you confront him with the true axiom that the Son of God died for sinners and that those who believe in Him will live the life which He Himself is living, all other reasons that can either be mentioned or thought of are rhetorical, weak, and puny. . . . Therefore call upon God, take hold of His Word, and cling to the sacrificial victim Christ, who has rendered satisfaction for your sin and has transferred your death to Himself and overcome it; and do not let it bother you that you are a sinner. Consider God's command. He wants you to cling to His Son and tells you to believe. . .. These thoughts refresh and strengthen a sick heart.
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