Persistent Prayer

"Suppose forty . . . thirty . . . ten are found there." He answered, "For the sake of ten I will not destroy it." And the LORD went His way . . . and Abraham returned to his place.
GENESIS 18:29-33
Persistent Prayer
Prayer must be bold. Therefore Abraham continues to pray . . . [and] from fifty the number drops to ten, and Abraham is sure that he will get his wish. . .. Consider this example whenever you pray, and learn that persistence is needed in praying. It does not offend God; it pleases Him. But Abraham undoubtedly comforted himself with the account of the flood, when eight souls were preserved. Even though he was unable to ensure the preservation of the others, he was nevertheless sure about his nephew Lot that God would take care of him and that he would be delivered. So he returns home and leaves everything to the just judgment of God. For he realizes that where there is such great malice of human beings, it is necessary for God to reveal His wrath against sin, lest the godly be offended and themselves also begin to turn away. And this is the reason why God commands that this account be committed to Abraham's descendants. God wants to be feared, but the smug He detests and hates. . .. Nevertheless, He does not want fear alone to dominate; He also wants the hope of mercy to be retained in that anxiety of heart.
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