The Rage of Satan

"This fellow came to sojourn, and he has become the judge!"... [The men of Sodom] pressed hard against the man Lot, and drew near to break the door down.
The Rage of Satan
God does not afflict the godly; He permits the devil to do this, as we see in the case of Job. . .. Therefore when a plague and other misfortunes assail us, we, too, should say that these are the works of Satan, that Satan is raging and is angry, but that God is merciful and is kindly disposed toward us because we believe in His Son. And in this manner the saintly martyrs overcame death and all dangers; for they were sure that God was kind to them. . .. Moreover, these truths should be carefully impressed and taught, lest we yield to the flesh when we are tried or to our reason when we disregard the Word. For it is not God who torments you if you believe in Christ; it is the devil. He hates you and looks for opportunities to trouble you. . .. Hence if any misfortune befalls you, conclude boldly that it is from the devil and does not mean that God is unfriendly toward you, except insofar as He lets this happen as a trial, in order to put your faith to the test for your own good. . . . It is most certainly true that God is not angry with us; otherwise He would not give us the most excellent knowledge of His Son. Nor would He give us the Holy Spirit, whose first fruits we have received.
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