The Power of Angels

"The LORD has sent us to destroy [this place]."
The Power of Angels
It is profitable to know these facts; they serve to comfort the godly but to frighten the ungodly. For we who believe must be certain that the princes of heaven are with us, not one or two, but a great multitude of them. . .. But if we were without this protection, and the Lord did not restrain the fury of Satan in this manner, we would not remain alive for a single moment. . .. Accordingly, what Moses states in this passage about the good angels who lay waste and destroy the earth serves, in the first place, to teach us to fear God, since we have such a powerful opponent in Satan. In the second place, it teaches us to trust in the goodness of God, who has appointed such excellent princes and leaders through whom He so mightily defends His people. . .. But this protection of the angels, which God wanted to be more powerful than Satan, gives us comfort. This government of God through His creatures is wonderful, because the angels, who support the godly, defend the entire human race, even though it is exposed to lions, wolves, dragons, and all the horrible leaders of Satan who have been trained to inflict harm not only with the sword, plagues, and countless diseases but also with heresies of every kind.
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