The Will of God

He said to him, "Behold, I grant you this favor also, that I will not overthrow the city of which you have spoken."
The Will of God
It was God's will that the city of Zoar should be destroyed together with the others; but because Lot intercedes for it, God changes His will and does what Lot wants. Similarly, because of Paul alone all who were sailing in the same ship were preserved in the shipwreck (Acts 27:43) . . .. These are very strong statements, and they are hard to believe. But we should note them carefully for our learning and comfort, so that we may pray cheerfully and, as Paul teaches, without hesitating and murmuring (cf. Philippians 2:14). It is murmuring, however, when we have been offended by a perplexing situation and ask God why He does this or that in such a manner. . .. We must obey His will; and if anything in His actions offends us, we must pray. Paul calls hesitation doubt. This must be completely excluded from prayer, for it alone is what vitiates prayer. Therefore Bernard admonishes his brothers not to esteem their prayers lightly but to know that their prayers are written in heaven before they themselves have finished them. . .. For who is worthy to speak with the Lord? Therefore let it be enough for us that we have been called to faith through the Word, have been taught by the Word of God, and for this reason are part of the Church, which has the definite command to pray.
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