Celebrating the Lord\'s Kindness

Abraham made a great feast on the day that Isaac was weaned.
Celebrating the Lord's Kindness
This was not a feast of frivolous men. No, it was a feast of the saintliest fathers, who thanked God for having confirmed and fulfilled His divine promise; and they not only refreshed their bodies with rather sumptuous food but also refreshed their hearts with sacred discourses, just as Paul states in Acts 14:17 that hearts are satisfied with food and gladness as a result of the Lord's kindness. . . . Here it should also be noted that in this way God gives Abraham a palpable demonstration of His grace. He had promised him a son, but He delays the fulfillment of the promise. Meanwhile Abraham, who is satisfied with the Word alone, believes the promise and simply clings to the invisible things. But it happens in due time that the invisible things become visible. We, too, should imitate this and set it before our eyes. We believe that our flesh will rise again on the Last Day. This should be as sure for us as if it had already happened; for we, too, have the Word and the same spiritual comforts that Abraham had.
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