God of the Humble

God heard the voice of the boy.
God of the Humble
This is a very great comfort for all those who feel that they have been cast out, that is, acknowledge their sins and tremble before the judgment of God. For He does not want to cast such people aside, nor can He do so; and if such people were without solace from men, it would sooner be necessary for an angel to descend from heaven to bring them comfort. Accordingly, God is called the God of the humble and afflicted who does not quench a smoldering wick (Matthew 12:20). But after the self-reliance of the flesh has been mortified in Ishmael, he becomes a true son of the promise; and what he first demanded on the basis of right, but did not obtain, he now, in his utmost need and despair, receives by grace. It is a remarkable situation and one most worthy of noting that when Ishmael feels himself utterly cast away, he has God at his side and is very dear to God. And God cannot disregard the voice and the groaning of the afflicted lad. But if God had not heard him here, he would have perished eternally. But to God this is impossible. "For He is merciful and does not want the death of the sinner" (cf. Ezekiel 33:11).
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